A fourth member to The Knights of the Mystic Booty Kissers!

Sometimes, I scan articles on a particular incident and I wonder what people are trying to hide.

I am always grateful for my times having covered news in Lake Elsinore. For reasons I can’t put my finger on, I can tell when a covered-up story smells. (courtesy photo)

Take Binghamton University basketball, which has had a checkered past — not Allen Iverson drag-a-nude-girlfriend-into-the-street checkered, more like O.J. Mayo. Well, the program tried to clean up its act, but Jordan Reed and Javon Ralling were popped outside of a club last month. Both will be doing community service as punishment for a guilty plea for disorderly conduct. Ralling also resisted arrest. He gets to pick up more litter and he’ll miss four games against teams nobody considers a threat.

So what did they do? Why didn’t Ralling simply do what the cops asked? Even Chuck D suggests that when 5-0 says freeze, you get numb.

Nobody’s talking.

But Ari Kramer is doing a damn good job of helping to cover it up.

I’ve gone through five Google pages. Many of the articles have been wiped off the search engines. And Kramer is going through the motions of telling you it’s not a big deal, worse things have happened and the new coach has sworn to produce upstanding citizens well-schooled in the pick-and-roll.

Don’t buy it. The only reason this isn’t a bigger deal is that — as a 6-foot-3 senior — Ralling is unlikely to crack an NBA roster.

And Kramer, with no idea how to level with readers, is unlikely to be anything more than a pledge to the Knights. Pick a corner of the booty and wear an appropriate accruement.


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